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HGM Micro Powder Mill

Application of HGM Micro Powder Mill:

   HGM series of roller-ring micro powder grinder mill is a new type of making micro powder machines through more than twenties years research and improvement, depending on two decades of hard work & experience and inputting the latest mechanical techniques abroad. It is an newly developed machine that leading the new trend in the powder milling world.
  HGM series of roller-ring micro powder grinder mill is widely used in making fine powder or micro powder, and over 200 raw materials that
 under the Moh's hardness less than 6 grade such as limestone, calcium carbonate, calcite, dolomite, kaolin, bentonite, talc, illite, pyrophillite, barite, meerschaum, fluorite, potash ore, etc. 

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  • Main Features
  • Technical Data
  • Description

    Working principle of HGM Micro Powder Mill:

      The mainframe through transmmission devices makes the main shaft and all the turntables rotating which lets the rollers and the ring rolling and rotating with dowel pin. First the large ones of the materials is crushed into small ones by the hammer crusher and the later is transmitted into the hopper by elevator, then the  feeder sends the materials onto the middle of the upper turntable in a stable and well-proportioned way, which are separated under the centrifugal force and fall into the raceway where they are crushed, grinded, rolled. Through multiple grinding and crushing.Hyper centrifuger indrafts the air inside and carries the larger powder into the collecting powder machine. The vortex made by rotating turbine of the collecting powder machine lets the larger ones recycled back into the grinding chamber for regrinding, then smaller ones enter into the cyclone collector and final products are discharged by the valve, airflow with little fine dust is refined by pulse dust catcher and discharged through the blower and the muffler. 
  • Main Features

    Main features of HGM Micro Powder Mill:

    1, High efficiency and lower consumption. In the condition of the same material, power and the fineness, its capacity is increased by 40% compared to the jet mill and mixing grinder.
    2, Longevity. In the condition of the same power and the fineness, the spare parts have a longer lifetime, usually more than one year, to the shaft impactor crusher and the turbine crusher.
    3, Non-bearings and non-bolt in the grinding chamber. Because of this, these questions destroying the machines can never exist for bearing, sealing element or the bolts loose.
    4, The fineness of final products can add up 5μm, and screening rate is 97%. 

  • Technical Data

    Technical Data of HGM Micro Powder Mill:
    Model Diameter (mm) Number of rings and rollers Feed Size ( mm ) Fineness Of final products Capacity (kg/h) Motor Power(kw) Overall dimension (L×W×H)
    Roller ring Micron mesh Main
    Powder Collector Blower
    HGM608  608  12-14  2 ≤10 5-45 325-2500  150-1500 37 11 30 10×2×5.5
    HGM808  808  18-21 ≤10 5-45 325-2500  400-4500 55 18.5 45 11.9×2.7 ×5.8
    HGM1008  1008  28-32 ≤10 5-45 325-2500  400-7500 110  30 75 14.5×3.8 ×6.3
    HGM1308 1308 36-40 4 ≤10 5-45 325-2500 1000-12000 180 37 110 18×8×8.5



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