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   Our core concept of corporate culture is " To love our customers, to create wealth for customers and bring the joy to customers.", Our company's customer service has been based on this principle. The company Manager Fu said: "If a enterprise only sold customers products to make money, such enterprises would not have a large space for development. Only to create wealth for customers will have more customers to buy our products , so we would have larger space for development. " Thereby our customer service has been a center of gravity of our company, our customer service work is mainly divided into three stages: pre-design, sales tracking and after-sales service .

•  Pre-Design

Models and specifications of the equipment, according to the actual needs of customers, or special requirements of customers, can be custom designed. Woshan provides customers with production line design process and helps to design a satisfactory and reasonable production line. We also provide related technical personnel training and enable them to acquire a certain amount of technical knowledge and machine maintenance tips. All of these does not charge customers any fees.

•  Sales Tracking

During the sales process, Woshan keeps track of the production process, ensures product quality, try to shorten the production cycle, and pay attention to the inspection work of the product . In addition, the senior technical staff of the company will be, for free, distributed to customers to help customers design a reasonable construction program with the lowest cost.

•  After-sales service

Freely, Woshan assigns dedicated service personnel to the site to guide installation and adjustment till success, and takes responsibility for the training of operators until the customer can completely operate the plant by themselves.

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