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    "To stem from customers' needs and to end with customers' satisfaction" is a consistent business philosophy of Shanghai Woshan. Customers’ satisfaction is innovative power and foundation of Shanghai Woshan. Woshan has been engaged in the milling equipment manufacturing industry for several decades, with rich experience and high-tech applications, as well as Woshan spirit of pursuing excellence and innovation, so that our products can satisfy customers at the highest level. In addition, the company has an sales and service team with rich experience, highly skills and sales and a perfect service network, providing customers with dedicated after sales service and professional technical supports.

• Professional Technical Supports and Solutions

“Scientific equipment selection is the cornerstone to succeed in milling business ", the normal and efficient operation of high-quality equipment, can not be separated from pre-sales technical support and after-sale technical service. Pre-sales technical support includes collecting, analyzing and summarizing customer-specific information to finish the design of equipment selection; the preparatory work including production and workshop planning, site selection and power. After-sale technical services mainly include the guidance of the foundation construction, installation, the machine test, and related maintenance services. Woshan services team will still combine customers' specific requirements, and scientifically analyze the physical properties of the materials in different areas, reasonably match the most appropriate model, and configure the most suitable transmission system, collection system, pipeline system, and dust removal system to ensure the efficiency and scientificity of the equipment selection.

• Perfect and Thoughtful Ancillary Services

High-quality equipment can not smoothly operate without the high-quality ancillary services. it is inevitable that equipment has problems during operation, then a timely response to the ancillary services is particularly important. Shanghai Woshan is equipped with professional after-sales service team, which is always ready to serve you in order to ensure the normal production of our milling equipment clients. Meanwhile, more than a dozen technical service department in different provinces and cities across the country will first response to your various needs at the fastest speed.

Thank you for your interests in Shanghai Woshan Heavy Industry. Please feel free to submit your inquiry information to us. our sales manager will contact with you as soon as possible.

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